Pink and Green Thursday: All Things Romantic

Happy Pink & Green Thursday, dear friends! 
I'm excited to see some new faces playing along this week!  Remember no rules, just grab a button from the sidebar, and post any images of pink and green things you love, and remember to link up below.   Can't wait to run over and see all your lovely posts!
This week I am going to explore the softer, more romantic side of pinks and greens.  While nine times out of ten you'll catch me wearing something bright pink or kelly green, there is something so dreamy about blush pinks and minty greens.  (Not to worry, there will be a dash of Lilly too!) 
I'm also drawing inspiration from a few of my favorite fellow bloggers this week, please be sure to check out their blogs if you don't already know them!
1. The following images from my friend Roseline at {this is glamorous} from Christian Dior's Resort 2011 Collection set the tone for this week's theme just perfectly.  I had come across a few images from John Galliano's most recent collection via tumblr, and when I saw her post yesterday, I knew they had to be shared today!  I'm obsessed with the bows and rosettes, and I love the way the silk chiffon flows in the last gown.  (Also, go here for a few cool backstage photos!)

2.  Vintage lace and blush nude dresses.  My friend Poppies and Sunshine posted this gorgeous post this week, "Hanging Dresses," which made me seriously weak in the knees.  So simple yet so beautiful.

I especially love the last photo, there is just the slightest hint of pink...delicate and romantic. Here are a few I came across as well, don't you love the intricate beading and the ruffled shawl?

3.  A few enchanting photos from my dear friend Miss Bumpkin's tumblr page that she ever so kindly lent me.  The floral garland decorating this beautiful car must have been the perfect wedding getaway mobile.


How about this sweet little snugglefest under a gorgeous lacy canopy, complete with paper lanters?

Jessica Stam for Nina Ricci's Spring 2010 Fragrance ad campaign.  I think she is stunning, and her matching outfit and pocketbook are precious.

Here are a few additional Nina Ricci images that this ad inspired me to look for.

4.  Another designer I admire is Sue Wong.  Her fashion mission is "to spread glamour and beauty," what's not to love about that?  In 2004 she purchased and completely restored the The Cedars, a 17th Century Venetian-style landmark in Hollywood, built in the 1920's, which is now one of her residences.  Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including Hollywood muses, namely Garbo, Deitrich, Lombard, and she is best known for her ornate and intricate detailing.  Here are a few of her designs I adore:

5.  Chanel Spring 2010 handbags in pink and green...I have a serious need for each of these!

 While we're at it, I'll take one of the classics in pink too...

A few more beautiful Chanel pictures, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, more here:

6.  Speaking of fabulous handbags, the Decorista, Ashlina at "Secrets of Domestic Bliss" posted yesterday about a collaboration between Coach and a special blogger named Emily.   I thought the handbag and the gorgeous room setting she paired the bag with were exquisite!

I would love to be curled up with a book on that sweet pink sofa!

This particular bag was designed by Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere; her inspiration board is below.
What a fabulous honor, congrats Emily!

(For the scoop on all four bloggers and Coach handbags they designed, visit Gabby at Gypsy Diaries here!)

Back to Domestic Bliss, Ashlina has a penchant for finding gorgeous tablescapes, interior decorating tips, and a variety of fashionable home decor inspirations.  Here are a few pink and green favorites!

7.  Favorite Dustjacket Attic pictures of the week, which also made me think Lilly.  If you don't already know DJ, you are missing out, her fashion shoots are out of this world!

Aren't those little pink shorts darling?  Certainly puts me in the mood for summer! 

These Lilly's are next on my list (Callahan Shorts in Creme Fraiche.)

This picture is gorgeous, right away I thought, those glasses could be Lilly!

Make sure to link up below!  Also, this is set up as a blog hop, so for those who participated, you're welcome to grab the code and place the linky love on your posts as well!


Doesn't this song make you want to dance? 


Thank you so much for your well wishes and good karma you've sent out into the universe on my behalf this week.  I can tell you that things are certainly looking more optimistic, and that is a very good feeling. You are wonderful friends! 

(Images not already noted are via and via)


  1. One of each please Trish and oh, I love that mossy table setting!


  2. Love all of these images Trish! So dreamy and romantic!

  3. This post makes me want to play dress up :)

  4. I could be the girl with the pigtails on the boat. Or, I was, like 10 years ago before two kids! LOL

    Miss talking to you. Hope things are well!

  5. I need to buy a new, pretty pink dress and go out on the town. :) I love this post...you always have the perfect pictures and ideas! Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  6. So romantic and whimsical! IN LOVE with all of these dresses... all those ruffles and bows make my little heart go pitter patter. And those pink and green quilted Chanel purses? Sigh. A-mazing.

    Hope you are having a lovely day, darling!

  7. Oh Trish, your post makes mine look like I put no thought. This is SO beautiful. Of course, I did put a disclaimer (didn't have time to reseach)! LOL! I have a great theme planned for next week though :-) Love this beautiful post!

  8. Loving all these romantic touches, Trish! Wonderful post!! Thank you for the mention :) You are a doll!

    I tried linking up, but it's not showing up. Maybe I'll try again.

  9. Can't think of a thing I want to say, stunned, have to go do it again, and literally write down the comments!

  10. This Dior collection is so girly and fun! I especially like the bubblegum pink dress with white rosette belt and white detail.

    The hanging dress photos are so romantic and whimsical. Pure loveliness.

    That pink satin Nina Ricci gown is to die for and Jessica Stam (had to look her up) looks gorgeous in the photo with the dress and pocketbook.

    That classic Chanel 2.55 in pink is definitely on my lust list. I read an article once about what it takes to make one of those bags. It was so interesting and made me want it even more ;)

    That is amazing that a blogger collaborated with Coach to produce such a beautiful handbag. So special!

    All of the pink and green décor and tablescape photos are inspiring.

  11. Pink and Green Thursdays might be overtaking Wordless Wednesdays as my fave, Trish! That second pink Dior dress is absolutely FABULOUS. Those vintage dresses are to die and, as is the case with just about anything Chanel, those bags are BEAUTIFUL. And how pretty is Emily's bag? I would love more than anything to buy one!
    xxoo Josie

  12. Love that second sue wong dress, and that pink dinning room is one of my favorite Suzanne Kassler designs of all time, and really who hasn't dreamed of lounging in that white chair on the beach from the H&M catalogue... absolutely stunning!

  13. I forgot the sound was turned on and suddenly my den was filled with Adelle :O) LOVE! This is one of my fave songs...remember when it was played at the wedding on Ugly Betty? Great moment!

  14. Wow, love it all, as usual! Ruffles galore! I love the pink Chanel bag too. I also read Cupcakes and Cashmere. How cool is that, that Coach made a bag designed by her. And it fits her personality to a T. I think they're only making 200. If I were her, I would get at least three. I mean, seriously, how often does a designer make something specifically for you, um, like NEVER! So so cool!

    Hope you are having a super Thursday!

  15. So glad you decided to jump on the favorite Dustjacket Attic pic of the week bandwagon. I am loving the white dress that is the background for the Cupcakes & Cashmere Coach purse. I am attempting to find that dress as we speak. I also love all the hanging dresses. The Nina Ricci photo was actually for you, I tumbld that one just for your use. Have you see the pink Birkin @ Shari's (LBD) today. How do you think My Captain would feel about a $10,000 lovely like this?

  16. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Ruffles, bows, rosettes...oh my lawdy girl. You've found a new friend:) Thanks for finding me; because, now I'm a follower of your blog too!

  17. I love this post! There are so many beautiful dresses in it...I want them all!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week! :)

  18. Pink bows - ahhhh! I have a crush on that pink bag in the Nina Ricci ad!

  19. Love Love looooooove your post, Trish. It's so so soooooooo FEMININE. Adorable. Fortunately the weather gets better and better, so my dresses will soon get out of the closet =)

    Many hugs for a great day! xoxoxox

  20. Trish I am ABSOLUTElY in love with this post!!

  21. Oh how lovely! I'm feeling all dreamy after seeing those gorgeous romantic pinks and greens. I am loving the light pink bow purse as well as that fabulous light pink sofa. I hope you have had a wonderful week and are getting caught up on everything. Happy Thursday and best wishes for a wonderful Friday and weekend!

  22. Gorgeous pictures! I love them all, but the second and third pictures from Dior are TDF! Love all the vintage lacy pictures too...so pretty and romantic!

  23. oh trish those are all just BEAUTIFUL!! what a happy-making post :)

  24. so beautiful trisha! i couldn't even PICK my favorite!!

  25. Girlfriend, I am loving all of these! I saw that picture of the couple under the lace tent and fell in love with it and that chair on the beach...good stuff! Hope your having a wonderful day! I just linked up. xoxo

  26. What a girlie post dearest! How I love the Chanel purses! That pink one with the gold chain is heaven! I felt like a little girl in a candy shop looking at all of these images. Kind of like the stroll I took last night w/the hubby down Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills doing some much needed window shopping at Cartier and Chanel. Hinting at presents I'd like. So much more fun to shop there when all the goody goddies are not around. Hope you are having a wonderful week doll. xoxo

  27. So happy to hear things are on the up and up in your universe!! The pictures in this post are just to die for. I tried on the Lilly creme fraiche shorts, and they are super cute!!! I want 1 new pair of shorts from their new line, but I can't choose! They are all really cute.

  28. Such lovelies! We have 3 weddings to attend this summer so I've had dresses on mind for weeks ~ thanks to you I've found a few that I must have ;)


  29. Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    PS You should fly to Dallas the next time we have a get together! :)

  30. Lovely photos, as always!:D Such a dreamy post.:D

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Trish!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  31. Oooooh I love the third picture! Dior collection. Loves!!

  32. Hey babe, wow this post is awesome I just love the links and the pictures you have come up with. Great job honey....and yes I did noticed my little name up in lights...to be in such great company is an honor thanks again darling girl.

    Wasn't Dior's range gorgeous...I just love that first one you have pictured, he is such a genius.

    big hugs DJ

  33. AS always you do a great job...Love the green table...

  34. Loving the runway looks and the chanel bags! You are so creative finding pictures! Thanks to whoever linked me up there! I was away from my macbook all day I've only had by blackberry! Hope you're having a fabulous week!

  35. Thanks so much for your amazing comment on my blog! It's such a compliment, hearing it from you!!

  36. Aw i love this post. Very interesting!

  37. I mean, wouldn't life be great if those pics represented my closet and bedroom! Oh- to dream! Awesome pics my sweet friend! Have a beautiful weekend and love ya to pieces!

  38. You so inspire me! If you have a chance, take a look over here for a surprise I left you

  39. These are all so girly! Love it!!

  40. Prettiest post of yours EVER lady...and that is saying a lot. Oh how I have sweet sweet dreams of a blush 2.55. Sigh. I think that would make a good push present. Don't you? Time or baby numero dos. HA. And I big puffy heart Emily's bag. Her success is much deserved. She is a real doll in person!!

  41. awww, thanks for the follow, you are a doll! (i am a huge fan of DJ too, :) but your assortment of photos makes me happy i am a woman! and shawna at poppies and sunchine is like my favorite girl ever! she's so loyal to my blog!! glad we found each other thru her! xoxo

  42. This photos were SOOOO fun to flip through. Listening to your song too made me feel like I was back in the olden days :)

  43. Gorgeous! What great finds! I love Dior's new collection - it sure had a lot of pink!

    ♥ Danielle

  44. Oh, gorgeous, Trish, and you've highlighted some of my favorite bloggers! I love the tailored look of some of these dresses, really liking the "ladylike"! Have a fabulous weekend!

  45. Lovely pictures! Love the old car with the flowers around the bumper...

    I have been swamped this past week. The end of the school year is always so crazy! Also, I am spending free time relaxing by needlepointing my hubby a belt. You must see and make one for your cute guy! It's on my latest post.

    I have committed today to spending time reading blogs and staying in my pjs... sigh!

  46. Trish, you are amazing! Idk how you coordinate Pink&Green Thursday, submit such an inspiring post for it yourself, & then visit&comment on all of them - & all of the other blogs you follow! & we all know that you are actively participating in a beautiful life outside of the blog world, as well! You are simply unbelievable, & I think what inspires me the most is that you are so honest&sincere in all that you do - it NEVER feels like a chore, or lip service, when you comment, post, or tweet. THANK YOU!

    & how great are you to showcase so many of your blogfriends in your post? It is wonderful how you edited your favorites & gave everybody a chance to get a bit more exposure on your Pink&Green Thursday post.

    My favorite thing in this post is that third Dior dress. It is so ladlylike. I am going to imagine that I can dip into my imaginary unlimited clothing account to buy it. & then I am going to imagine wearing it to some lovely social gathering where I'll be photographed (from my "good side," of course) for the local social magazine.

    I am loving Secrets of Domestic Bliss, & so glad this post led me to find it.

    Thank you again for your comment love. Can you believe My Prince had never seen Sweet Home Alabama until about a week ago? I will have to post about my playgroup coup soon...I can't tweet about it because one of my playgroup momfriends is actually on Twitter - almost nobody I know here in my real world is on there!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  47. Soo fun...love it all! Especially the Chanel dahling! ;)

  48. I could sit and look at this post all day. Pure gorgeousness! I want one of everything...maybe two in the case of the pink and green bags!

  49. Oh Sweetie, don't you just love pink?? Pink purses, pink dresses, pink sunglasses... I'll take it all!! But my most fave pieces? That stunning green Chanel bag and the black tulle top.... both are GORGEOUS!!

    Happy Weekend Dear! I hope you're doing well!!

  50. Those dresses! LOVE the pink Chanel pocketbook.

  51. ahhmazing pics!

    thanks for following my blog...i'm following yours too now! and hope to see more of such fabfulous posts soon.


    p.s would you like to swap links/buttons?

  52. Love love love those pictures!!

    Btw your blog is amazing! Just became a follower!

    Mine is www.nycislandgal.com
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)

  53. Wow, that is a whole lot of lovely pictures i am seeing in one post.

    Hanging dresses are so simple, delicate and yet beautiful. One day, i am gonna try attempt those Christian Dior's hairstyle, hopefully without looking weird!

  54. Dear Trish, so much beauty in one place!!! Have a lovely Monday!

    Kristin xxxx

  55. The photos are all so lovely Trish! I don't even know where to start but I do want a new pale pink dress now that I have seen these images! Everything here is so gorgeous. And I adore those pink sunglasses, so vintage yet hip and chic!! Miss your face! XO

  56. hello trish -- such a fun post! isn't the pink chanel darling? thanks so much for including me in the mix and for all of your lovely visits :)

    hope you're having a wonderful week so far,

  57. Oh I love things that are pink and girly!

    ps - check out my Cory Renee Clutch Giveaway!



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