Friday For A Friend

GUESS WHO? Did you think I was gonna miss this fabulous little party of guest blogging over here? No way!
I'm Lisa, better known as The Bumpkin On A Swing. Any friend or follower, of Trish, is a friend mine. Let's get this little party started....Crank it up...This is the ringtone you hear when The Pink Preppy Lilly Girl dials down south...deep south.....

I think I'm last in this fabulous group of guests bloggers that have been here this week. You know what that means right? She's coming home, I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. We will talk for hours, and it will feel just like I was there..

You may have read Trish and I tease each other about our secret Tumblr pages before in the comments sections of our blogs and yours too.
We like so much of the same things that we were Tumbling all over each other, so we made secret pages from each other, to keep the element of surprise alive.
I've been saving these for just the right occasion, and it's here today!
Trish, here's my stash missy maam.........girlfriends everybody enjoy! Visit me on Tumblr by clicking HERE.

Do you stop by here for pretty pictures, Lilly updates maybe? Well if you do, you are missing the best part, get to know this jewel of a woman, reach out to her, she'll reach right back.

With Trish, there are so many endearing qualities, a classy lady, a whipper snapper of a business woman with good advice, my biggest cheerleader, a happy when you need it, an atttidue adjustment when you need it even more,

The best part is the giggles, by far..........

I love it when My Captain calls me at work and says,"A box came, it's got pink and green Trish design on it!" The "Trish" design is Lilly, and he doesn't call them Lilly dresses, he calls them "Trish" dresses. Too funny! She embraces, My John's rough around the edges, another reason to love her in my book. We love our couple time with Matt and Trish. Come back, Come back, Come back to New Orleans......

She spreads the sunshine so thick, you have some left over for when you really, really, need it. It's been 10 days, and I still full on smile at just the thought of the things she says.

Can you imagine how tan she is after a week in Mexico? I think we all have the same sentiment of jealousy to say about this, but since I'm over here today, I'm stifling the harshness a bit......

I can't wait till Sunday, I really need some "Trishy Time"

Trish lives it to the fullest, no doubt about that!
That's the way she rolls!

We haven't got around to doing this yet, but ohhhh I can feel it coming on soon....She's so tiny, she'll go higher, I just know it.

You know I knew we had a special bond when I discovered we shop exactly the same. Peek, Scan, Price, and Decide. She keeps the power shopping train moving along, and I hate a lolly gagger when I'm shopping!

Sometimes we just need someone to say, "No, get this one, that other one makes you look like a slut." Trish and I keep it real, don't you love having a friend you can do that with?

Well, it's time to ride off into the sunset now, ya'll do come and visit me at the swing....

The Captain, and I would love to have ya!
The Bumpkin


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, you made me teary!!

    Beautiful photos of friendship - and you are so right, Trish is extra special, she really has something about her.

    Fabulous post!!

    Happy Week-end! :)

  2. i love this friends post!!! will add it to my friday links... have a great weekend!

  3. This post truly does scream Trish. Great job Lisa!!

    I love that Captain John calls them Trish dresses. :)

  4. You guys are the best, I always have so much fun guest blogging over here.

    Simone, it warmed my heart to hear from you!
    Hope your corner is full of sunshine!

  5. What a beautiful post!! Really liked it.

  6. Great great post - loved every word! Lou x

  7. Well hello there my friend! I loved this post for so many reasons, but mostly because it was from the heart.

    I completely agree that Trish needs to come home to NOLA! Imagine the damage that could be done on Magazine St. with the three of us. Whew! And after a bit of shopping, I would like a little day drink on the porch of the Columns please! Fun times!!

  8. now i'm totally jealous that you get to be friends with miss t in real life!!!!!! i already knew she was awesome, because it oozes from her blog and out through my computer! love this sweetie pie friendalicious post! xoxo

  9. Oh Lisa, you did Trishy proud, my love. She is going to love this! I can't wait for her to see it when she returns!

    And I'm with you, I can't wait to chat and hear all about her romantic Mexican vacation and hear her giggle while she dishes about their adventures :)

    I certainly know the emotions that you talked about in this post. She is such a gem and we are so blessed to have her in our (real) lives :)

    Love you, darlin'!

  10. We should all be so lucky to have a person in our lives that feels about us the way you two obviously feel about each other!!
    What a sweet post, I love it!

  11. Beautiful post! Such a nice way to end the week :O)

    I think we all miss Trish!

  12. Wow...what a great post! Love the friendship photos! Just adore them! *Wishing you a great weekend! Kristin XOXO

  13. I adore all of these images, they totally make me want to go and hang with my besties (cuz you can't have just one!)

    How lucky for you to have someone so special and dear to your heart :)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Good friend Ms. Bumpkin! xo for you a Trish!

  15. This is the loveliest post. Every word has been so clearly thought-out... This is EXACTLY how I feel about my best friends, and you're so right about Trish -- there is truly no one sweeter!
    xo Josie

  16. What a sweet post! Ms. Bumpkin, you've cheered me up and I needed it after this week. Merci beaucoup. Have fun on Sunday!

  17. Wow! You are such a good friend to MIss Trish! It sounds like you all are a great blessing for one another!!! Thank you for sharing this.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous post! Have a sweet day!

  19. I have an award to share with you. Please visit my latest post.


  20. Hi there honey....well what can I say...that was just awesome. I loved everything, the words and pictures. Trishy is lucky to have a friend like you and vice versa.

    big hugs Dj

  21. Aw, this was so beautiful Bumpkin Babe!
    A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves - a special kind of double. ~Toni Morrison
    You two are Soul Sistas!
    Love ya both!

  22. What a fabulous post, Bumpkin (Lisa). It sounds like you two have a fantastic relationship. It really is special when you find true friends. They don't come around very often.

    Even though I only know Trish in the blogging world, I understand every thoughtful word you wrote about her. She does have the ability to make a person feel better about themselves and the world through her comments. I've gotten some great advice from her, too.

    Loved all the images!

    Enjoy that phone call! :)

    Welcome back, Trish. Can't wait to hear about your vacation. :)

  23. This is full of love and sweetness. As I read this post, it made me think back at all the memories with friends and for the friends I have made through blogging. How special a true friend is!

  24. I loved this post. I think I need to get in on one of these sweet hangouts of yours... I'm not far! Except you don't want to compete on the swings with me... I will attempt to go over the top rail just to win. Watch out ladies!

  25. l



    ... you know you are 'one of the best'!!!

    And now, I will take a long look on this new blog!

    Agneta, the swe.... ;)

  26. Beautiful photos, have a nice day Radka.

  27. Wonderful post and adorable blog...am adding you to my sidebar....so glad that I stopped by...
    Happy Sunday.....Giveaway late tonight..also have a new post on my other blog, A BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING with more of this giveaway....so more EASY chances to win.

  28. LOOOOOVE this post! Hope your day will be a very beautiful one today!!!!

  29. Love the post!!! My two fav ladies- Trishy and Lisa! You guys are awesome and such a blessing to each other! I wish I had more friends that were like you two are to each other.
    XOXO- Vy

  30. Oh what fabulous photos and what a fabulous tribute to friendship! You are both amazing ladies, so sending you both a big hug! Oh how I would love to spend a day with the two of you... XOXO

  31. Your tribute to the wonderful Trish is FAB! I mmay be headed to Lousiana soon!..for a visit! I alreayd knew I like dyou both but now that I know you are power shopers I am even more in love!

  32. This is beautiful, what a bless to have experienced such an amazing friendship and loving connection. You two are fabulous...



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