In The Pink

Hi everyone it's DJ from Dustjacket Attic here, coming to you from Australia. Our gorgeous friend Trishy asked me to do a guest post whilst she's livin' large in Mexico....thank you Trish, it's such an honour to fill in for you today.

So I was wondering what to do, when I thought it's got to be pink and pretty...right! Oh except the first picture, but I get away with that one cause Trish is determined she and Reece are going to be best friends.

So here's my little tribute to "Pink Preppy Lilly Lover"

xxx DJ

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  1. Well hello!! Don't you LOVE that we have so many of the same friends....we have great taste don't we!! ;)

    FABULOUS post Deej.....I love that first image of Reese Witherspoon, never seen that one before....love the Kylie shot too :)

    And that pink and green cake is just exquisite!

    Great job honey....you got the beautiful, stylish and feminine Trish absolutely perfectly.

    Happy Week-end :) xo

  2. Ohhhhhhh, what a divinely beautiful post. No surprise coming from you of course lovely lady! I kind of need dessert now! Hee hee!

  3. Very impressive PINK post,dear DJA!!!-)*
    Just lovely images as ALWAYS:-)))*


  4. GREAT PINK post! ....and LOVE the dress in the first pic even if not pink!

  5. ...serious pink...Love it!...the bling card game too cute!

  6. Wonderful pictures! And I love that one of Reese Witherspoon - one of my favorite actresses!

  7. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the one with the playing cards :)

  8. Oh DJ, you did Trishy proud, lady!! I am in love. Capital L-O-V-E!!!

    The picture that's next to last is unbelievable! The shoes and yummy dessert, and the flowers....

    You definitely brought your gorgeous Dustjacket style right over here to PPLL :)

    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear!


  9. Oh, how I love Reese as well. I've never seen that shot of her before. I am so excited to have found out about this group of bloggy girls. I was first falling in love w/ Pink Preppy Lilly Lover when I stumbled into Brown Eyed Belle and now I just try to keep up w/ as many of you girls as possible. Love all the beautiful pics as always, thanks for sharing!
    Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

  10. Such delectable photos, I feel the need for shopping.
    I must visit your blog DJ, I sense a great deal of style and fabulousness ahead, cheers!

  11. Well that certainly put me in the mood for some champagne!!
    Great post!

  12. Love all these pictures! The setup in the second to last one is especially provocative!

  13. How perfectly pink of you! A little pink always puts me in the best of moods and this has certainly done the trick today!
    Hope you are having a marvelous weekend!

  14. Those pictures were AMAZING! Thanks for sharing them!

  15. Gorgeous photos! What a lovely blog you have, sweetie : )

  16. All very pretty, pink is my favorite! that picture of Reese is stunning, she is just beautiful! Have a great weekend! ~Andrea

  17. It was great to discover Trish's lovely blog, and to be able to visit a new blog.
    I love all the photos you have shared here today Dustjacket, thank you.
    Especially the gorgeous photo of Reece and Kylie and all the pretty pinks.

    Happy Sunday

  18. That last one is way too cute! Anything pink is a winner in my book! ;)

  19. These photos are SO cute -- you've done Trish proud! I love the photo with the cards.
    xo Josie

  20. Stunning! Love the macarons-cake!

  21. Soooo pretty in pink! Love it DJ! xoxo

  22. Just gorg deej, and how thrilled am i to see our kyles there too!


  23. Oh my, what a dreamy post! I am in love with all this pink. It's all so girly. I have to take another look at these pictures now...they are just too pretty!

  24. The first picture and the last are absolutely divine, I would not have expected anything less from such a fabulous lady. The pure fact that you did a tribute post to our Trish, makes me green with envy and squealing like a little pig!
    Gorgeous pink all the way around!
    A blogger's dream come true, DJ!
    Can not wait till she sees it. I almost won't to shake her up a bit, and make her break her unplugged rule.

  25. Fabulously done!!!! Trish will be proud...I am loving those pink pumps in one of the first photos...still drooling....**puddle puddle**

  26. Oh my goodness! I adore any DJ photo, but the last one is my absolute favorite. L.O.V.E.



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