When we were expecting and found out Stella was a baby girl, I instantly fell in love with planning for her arrival, and of course, stocking her closet.  I meticulously selected so many pretty, preppy little frocks that I couldn't wait to dress her up in.  Having a baby girl is just as much fun as I imagined it would be, if not even more so! 

As she grows so quickly, I can't help but be sad each time I realize a little bubble outfit or precious smocked bishop dress is suddenly too small.  Some of the really special ones I will keep of course, and some I'm sure I'll end up consigning or giving away to friends with future baby girls.  

But the idea of having a little doll to dress up forever...just like in these pictures...it is just one of the many reasons that I was so meant to be a little girl's mommy, and how fortunate I am that my dream of having a daughter came true.  Sure, I would love to have a little boy one day...but for now I am having too much fun dressing up my little mini-prep!



  1. I meant to email you this the other day, but my Mom saved a lot of my first little outfits for me to play with.
    For years, my baby dolls wore some of my old Easter dresses, birthday dresses, etc.
    I plan to do the same, and of course, I'm shadow boxing a few things too :)

  2. Love this! Can't wait to have a little girl of my own so I can dress her up like a lady!

  3. So sweet Trishy! I already feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast, so I know once he/she is born time is going to fly, but every step in their life is beautiful :) And how cute will Stella be as a mini prep tot, those photos are adorable!

    Also, if I have a girl (like you think) I will gladly take those precious baby clothes off your hands :)

  4. With four nephews, I yearn to have a baby girl to dress up someday. I love living vicariously through your instagram pictures of precious baby Stella. :)

  5. Haha, this is too cute, Trish. I bet Stella is the cutest kid in town!
    xo Josie



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